Vowel Teams: Diphthongs

Estimated reading: 1 minute

Diphthongs is a word derived from Greek “di” meaning 2 and “phthongs” meaning sounds/voice. These are vowel units that begin in one point of articulation and move into another point of articulation. These are sometimes referred to as gliding vowels. Keep these tips in mind: 

  • It is considered one sound. Therefore, oil has one syllable. 
  • Use the back of your Vowel Team Syllable Poster to see all of the diphthongs to help with syllabication. 
  • These are often referred to as “noisy” vowels since they often make sounds that we may hear in the environment /ow/ /oo/ /ah/. 

Remember to use the Syllable Division Teacher Guide and the Syllable Posters. Model for students. Then allow for plenty of independent practice. IMSE’s Student Practice Books include plenty of decodable text for practice.