Repeated Reading

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

There are many valuable strategies to help students increase fluency.  With Repeated Readings, students are not only reading on a regular basis but increasing their confidence which in turn will increase motivation.  

Here are a few suggestions with Repeated Readings
  • On Monday, have a student do a one-minute “cold read” with a new passage. Record the Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) score on a graph or the Repeated Reading Chart (found in the IMSE 30 Hour Comprehensive Training Manual Masters).
  • Students should practice reading this same passage each day and record their ORF. This can be done in pairs to increase the number of times a student views the passage. 
  • You can also send this home as a homework idea.  It only takes one minute to read it to a parent and record the progress!
  • On Friday, do a final reading to see if the student can “beat” their Monday score.  Record their progress on the chart.
  • Repeat with a new passage for the following week. Use IMSE Decodable Readers or IMSE Student Reading Practice Books for repeated readings

With Repeated Readings, students are reading on a regular basis and will see that they can increase their reading fluency with each reading.  Seeing this visual on a chart will raise their self-esteem and boost their motivation to read!