Three Great Spelling Rules: Change Rule

Estimated reading: 1 minute

The final rule in the Three Great Rules is called the Change Rule. This is referring to words that end in y. 

  • Change Rule – This rule applies to words ending in y.  Change the y to i if there is a consonant before the y.  Do not change it if there is a vowel before the y.  There is an exception to this rule:  y + ing “love” each other and are never separated 

         Example:  cry + edcried, (exception:  cry + ing → crying),  play + er → player

  • This can be taught after you teach y as a vowel. 

Teachers can teach one of the rules per week after corresponding content. It can also be taught all in the same week depending on the ability of your students. Once you’ve taught these rules, allow for multiple opportunities for continued practice in the classroom.