Where to Begin Instruction After Assessment

Estimated reading: 1 minute

Where do you begin instruction after completing your assessments?  The starting point for instruction will be determined based on your results and the grade/Tier of RTI that you teach. If you teach general education, you may review any missed concepts (80% or more) for a week or two, but then you must begin teaching age-appropriate content to the whole class, teaching one new concept per week. Include any missed concepts in the Three-Part Drill to help with mastery of content from the year prior. For struggling students, work in small groups with additional skills.

The age-appropriate sequence of content is listed below: 

  • Kindergarten: m through wh
  • 1st Grade: Sammy rule through basic contractions
  • 2nd Grade: Three-consonant blends through homophones
  • 3rd Grade: Teach any concepts not known/mastered. Transition into morphemes. 
  • Tiers 2/3 Intervention: Assessment will guide your instruction and pace. Teach missed concepts and continue in the sequence. 

Keep in mind that you can teach anything that aids in the learning process. Remember to be sequential by only having students encode and decode words with concepts that have been taught.