How to Get Ready to Teach Orton-Gillingham

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

Now that you’ve taken The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education’s Orton-Gillingham Comprehensive Plus Training, you’re probably wondering how to begin organizing yourself. In the back section of your Training Manual (Master’s section), there are several pages that can help you get organized.

Below are our top tips for what you should be ordering, making, and posting in your classrooms to get started!


  • Sensational Sand

  • IMSE Student Practice Books A, B, and C

  • OG-in-a-Bag for individual student kits

You can find all of these resources - and many more at!

Materials for Students:

  • Green Folders: fingertapping hand, vowel sticks or tents, green crayon for review and dictation

  • Red Folders: screens, Red Word booklet, and red crayon for irregular words *Red Word booklet A - has dotted words to help Kindergarten students with letter formation. The words follow Teacher Guide A. 

  • Assessment: Student Pages

Poster to make or hang in classroom:

  • Phoneme/Grapheme Chart to track class progress

  • CUPS! - Capitalization Understanding Punctuation Spelling

  • Cat/Kite

  • Sammy Loves Friendly Zebras - Doubling Rule

  • ‘b’ bat/ball letter formation and ‘d’ drum/drumstick letter formation visuals

Don't Forget

  • Use your IMSE Comprehensive OG+ Flip Chart to help with the process!
  • Utilize your free one-year (Comprehensive OG+) subscription to Interactive OG (IOG 2.0). This is an invaluable way to help you get organized.  It will create differentiated lesson plans as well as have your assessment data at your fingertips. As you plan weekly lessons, print them and keep them in file folders so that you have them every year.  Our goal is to support you in every way we can, so you can drive reading excellence in your classroom