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The next skill students can work on in phonological awareness is learning about syllables. We want students to master the following syllable skills: 

  • The ability to blend syllables: Cat and nip together say _______. (catnip
  • The ability to segment syllables: Hum the word parts in table. How many syllables? (2)
  • The ability to delete syllables: Say rainbow without bow. What syllable is left? (rain)

These skills start out less complex and move into more complex. Syllable activities are located in Interventions for All: Phonological Awareness on pages 74-91. 

Here are more ideas: 
  • Take One Thing From the Box:  Have a box filled with different objects.  Students must reach in and grab an object.  They would name the object and count how many syllables it has.  
  • Hum the Syllable: Practice discovering how many syllables are in a word by “humming the word.” There is a natural break in humming between syllables. 

Again, most of the activities incorporate literature. You could utilize that to your advantage when teaching a new phonetic concept. Implement that book as your connection to literature as well as a phonological awareness activity