Consonant le

Estimated reading: 1 minute

The final syllable type is Consonant le. These syllables include: -ble, -cle, -fle, -tle, -dle, -gle, -kle, -ple, and -zle. These are syllables because there is a vowel sound attached. What is the vowel sound? The e is silent! The consonant next to the ‘l’ is creating the schwa vowel sound. The ‘e’ is placed there as an orthographic marker since every syllable has to have a vowel. Here are some reminders: 

  • Use the Syllable Poster for Consonant -le syllable types. 
  • Have students underline the first vowel and look for another vowel other than an ‘e’ at the end. If there is only an ‘e’ at the end, they must determine if it’s a Magic E or a Consonant -le. If it’s a consonant-le, circle the unit and draw a syllable wall right before it. 
  • Students label it C-le and read the word.
  • Remember that these syllables do not sound like “l blends”. L blends do not create a new syllable, but these do. -ble sounds more like /bul/ whereas bl- doesn’t contain a vowel (blister not bulister).