Three Great Spelling Rules: Drop Rule

Estimated reading: 1 minute

We learned that the first Great Spelling Rule is the doubling rule. There are two parts to that rule. This could be taught right after you teach -ed in the sequence. The second Great Spelling Rule, is the drop rule. 

  • Drop Rule – This rule applies to silent-e base words.  When adding a vowel suffix to a silent-e base word, drop the final e.  Do not drop the final e if the suffix begins with a consonant. 

        Example:  namɇ + ed named,   name + less nameless

  • Some rules are stronger than others. With words that end in ‘ge’ or ‘ce,’ keep the e with the suffix ‘able’ Ex: manageable or traceable. 

This can be taught after teaching Magic E, as long as students are familiar with various suffixes. 

Don’t forget to check out the Rules Poster, along with the songs and poems, in the masters section of the IMSE Comprehensive OG Plus Training Manual.  These items will help teachers make these spelling rules engaging to support student mastery.  

You may also visit IMSE’s multi-sensory pins on Pinterest for additional support.